5 Reasons To Start Your Saturday At The Farmers Market

1. Don’t Panic It’s Organic
It’s important to know where your food comes from, what better way to educate yourself then exchanging a few words with the person fueling your city!


2. Do It For The Gram
You know what we’re talking about…Stop being so modest, your followers crave your content …The farmers market makes for the perfect backdrop…with exception selfie surroundings…

3. Community Support

A lot of hard work, time, knowledge & dedication goes into growing produce… farmers markets are always made up of LOCAL vendors! By making a purchase at a farmers market you are supporting your community, allowing the vendor to go out & keep creating!

4. Allow The Illusion Of Artisanal


Nothing says highly educated like bringing a homemade fruit & veggie tray to your friend’s house warming party…Sure they just bought their 1st place but you’ve created something from locally grown goods…Who’s the real winner here?

5. Save Money, Live Better

It’s simple, Farmers markets sell in bulk…No tax & you’re receiving your product from the exact source…Do the math, it just doesn’t get much better. We hope this short & sweet list inspires you to ditch your Saturday super market trip for your local farmers market! 



5 Reasons To Start Your Saturday At The Farmers Market Blog

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