RUN F.A.R.E (Family Adventure Race Experience) is the newest back-to-school event for Guelph and Wellington that holds a unique adventure race involving a combination of an obstacle course, scavenger hunt, and quirky race challenges. All that, plus Toronto’s Yours Truly band entertaining with an hour of family-friendly music, will make for a real unforgettable family experience this summer.

RUN F.A.R.E. is Beginnings Family Services Guelph’s new fundraiser event. It will be held at the ERCF property, 5696 Wellington Rd 7, Guelph on Saturday, September 15, 2018. The Family Adventure Race features two (2) race experiences. The Elite Race is designed for those who have a more competitive spirit, while the Fun Race is for individuals and families who are looking forward to ending their Summer by going through an interactive adventure together.