Career Pathways Guelph 2024


on Thursday, April 18th

Italina Canadian Club

from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm

Career Pathways Guelph-Wellington is an interactive career fair organized annually by the Career Education Council and community partners who are dedicated to providing youth with valuable insights and inspiration.

Interactions at this event will help local youth and their teachers and parents as they make important decisions around future education and career pathways. Career exhibitors offer students insights and inspiration that can help them as they make important decisions about future education and career pathways.

We are currently booking spots for businesses and organizations that have something interactive and engaging that groups of students can do to experience hands-on learning related to careers in your field (bring your career gear)!

At this year’s event, we are also planning special areas specifically featuring: community connections (volunteerism & services), career speakers, and outdoor exhibitors.

WHY BE A SPONSOR AND EXHIBITOR? Inspire the future workforce! Invest in the youth (and future workforce) of our region Showcase your sector and local opportunities for fulfilling careers Help youth understand the required skills and education needed for different careers showcase new technology and related jobs! Face-to-face with potential volunteers, placements, or future employees! Provide your staff or volunteers with an opportunity to educate and engage our youth Network with other exhibitors representing education, business, and community organizations

We hope that you will join us as we educate, engage, and inspire the future workforce!

For more information on sponsorship, please contact: the Career Education Council:

Emma Corbit, Events Specialist: