Gryphcon 2018 – 30th Anniversary

On March 2nd to 4th, 2018 gamers of all types will be going to the Univerisity of Guelph to ‘get their game on’. Gyrphcon, a not-for-profits event put on by the University of Guelph Games Clubs, runs this time every year but this year is gearing to be the biggest in the last few years. Last year’s attendance was just over 300 people.
Gryphcon provides every type of game available. From board to card, role playing to miniature games. If you are an experienced gamer and looking to meet more people to someone who just wants to look at trying something new Gryphcon’s slogan is, and always will be, “Everyone is welcome”.
Many vendors, artists and local businesses are returning because of the success of last year. Every year we try to bring something new to the convention and this year is no exception. For the first time we are holding a Settlers of Catan Qualifier Tournament. The winners of this tournament earn a spot in the Canadian Catan Championship to be held at Fan Expo. Last year we saw several new families come out. We loved seeing them so much we are going to be holding a Retro “Saturday” Morning Cartoon Morning. Parents can bring their kids out to curl up (so bring pillows and blankets) to watch classics like the Gummi Bears, The Ewoks, He-Man, She-Ra and others. Other family activities are our drop in games room, an escape room and virtual reality.
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Twitter: @gryphcon