Arkells “Rally Cry Tour”

ARKELLS are coming to Guelph’s Sleeman Center on November 8th!

Tickets go on-sale Friday, June 21 at 10am!



“Our attitude was, let’s make this record as wild and weird and adventurous as we want it to be,” Arkells singer Max Kerman says. “We felt that doing things that aren’t traditional rock ‘n’ roll with heavy guitars is ok as long as it still feels like us. But at the same time, let’s remember that at our core, we’re an awesome rock band so let’s make some awesome rock ‘n’ roll music.”

Cue RALLY CRY, Arkells’ fifth studio album and most pointedly powerful effort thus far, built upon voluble riffs, elastic bass grooves and incandescent pop melodies, with hooks and choruses that passionately galvanize and electrify. Long known for their exceptional songwriting and high-energy performances, the Hamilton, ON-based quintet – singer Kerman, guitarist Mike DeAngelis, bassist Nick Dika, keyboardist/arranger Anthony Carone, and drummer Tim Oxford – reveal on RALLY CRY a heretofore unheard soulfulness that elevates their new songs to places that, while connected to a new approach, feel perfectly in tune with who the band is and always has been. From the get go with the album-opening “Hand Me Downs,” potent brass, cinemascope string arrangements and propulsive choruses reveal that RALLY CRY has the size and scope to match Arkells’ ambition and ever-growing audience that love the band for the uniquely raw energy that is all their own.