Women’s Music Weekend

Join us for a dynamic, fun weekend of musical inspiration, creativity, empowerment and community!

Whether you’ve always wanted to sing but haven’t given yourself the chance, or you’ve been writing songs and singing for years and want to hone your skills, Women’s Music Weekend is for you. Whatever stage you’re at, you will be supported and guided to explore your musical side.

Choose from workshops that include: freeing the voice, lyric writing, jamming, creating melody, how to sing harmony, restorative yoga, and vocal improv. Join the weekend chorus, play in a pick-up band, or write your own song. If you need to unlock your voice, Linda’s heart opening yoga sessions can help dissolve the blocks to your singing. Her lyric writing workshops focus on connecting your creative voice to what is in you, and around you. If you’re tentative about making music, Jane is your guide. She’ll help you go inside to experience that great joy in music you’ve always longed to find. If you’re up for a good challenge, count on Katherine to pinpoint the part of your music-making that could use a little shake-up. No matter what, Women’s Music Weekend will inspire and ignite your musical passion.

Experience the joy and the power of writing your song, finding your voice, putting a band together or learning to jam. No matter your age, musical ability or background, come and create, share, listen, learn, play, harmonize, heal, and sing with us. Sing your heart out. All weekend long.