Derek Edwards – “So Here’s The Thing…” (Stand up Comedy Show)

DEREK EDWARDS – “ So Here’s The Thing…”

October 18th @ 7:30 River Run Centre

“So Here’s the Thing …” – A breath of fresh air, finely honed and relentlessly funny! Take a break from the world and settle in for a seamless glide over life’s troubled waters. Like the canoeist seated deftly atop his life jacket, with whiskey and pot cookies sealed in airtight containers, Derek Edwards has left little to chance in this polished comedic adventure.


They say, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” And like in a Hollywood movie when the fleeing hero has to jump off a cliff into a waterfall, and the bad guys say, “Nobody could have survived THAT,” then they cut back to a single hand reaching out of the rushing water, finding purchase on a floating log. Derek is like that Sodden Log! An island of stability amidst the frenzy. An oft saturated and not entirely stable respite from life’s turmoil.


“So Here’s the Thing …” – Derek Edwards’ new 90-minute stand-up comedy show, …a richly textured and enthralling ‘cut above,’ delivered with pace and authority by the consummate Canadian Comedian.



“Everyone knows Derek is the funniest man in Canada.”  – Rick Mercer


5 STARS – the funniest man on earth” – Winnipeg Free Press


4 STARS –  the crowd howled” – Victoria Times Colonist


“still the funniest man in Canada” – Toronto Sun


“Edwards reigns as the King of Canadian comedy” – Charlottetown Guardian


“Derek Edwards is hysterical” – Calgary Sun


“Edwards takes stand-up to next stage” – Georgia Straight


“the epitome of timing & storytelling” – Halifax Chronicle Herald


“the comedian’s comedian” – London Free Press




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