House of Blue Leaves

Dreams really do come true sometimes. Then there are all those other times. Artie Shaughnessy is a hopeful songwriter who works in a zoo, where his show-biz dreams are on the biz-end of a shovel. Artie’s wife Bananas (that’s her name) likes pretending to be animals, and she’s on her way to a psych ward very soon. Meanwhile, Bunny is Artie’s brassy new squeeze, and there’s nothing she hasn’t done. But she’s saving one thing for the honeymoon, and it’s not what you think. With stardust in their middle-aged eyes, Artie and Bunny are bound for Hollywood to get his songs in the movies. And it’s all happening on the historic day that the Pope visits New York. This dark, irreverent comedy is dyed in the social fabric of 1965, long before political correctness was a thing. There’s music, movie stars and mayhem, all mixed up in an offbeat, tragically funny story that sends the American dream an explosive wakeup call. Winner of four Tonyawards and the NY Drama Critics Circle Award for Best American Play (1971). Mature themes but no really bad language.