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Here’s the story … I have long worshiped the sun.  I love the heat.  I love the brightness.  I love the tan.

Until the end of last summer … I didn’t think twice about sunscreen before hitting the beach towel.  That ended when my father was diagnosed with skin cancer and a a small brown “freckle” on my face was changing in shape,  colour and size.  It was a definitive sign that it was time to start considering my health and the health of my skin.

So the journey began!  A short visit to see Joelle at AFYA Skin and Body Clinic changed everything!  I quickly learned that I could change the direction in which my aging skin was taking.

To begin,  the horrifying pictures of what lies beneath the pressed powder and cover-up … I was stunned to learn that my skin has aged to that a 50 year old woman.


Well … shall we start?!  The first treatment … IPL or  IPL Photo Rejuvenation

We went on to a second session,  Laser Hair Removal!  As ticklish as I am … I did surprisingly well!  Didn’t flinch once when she touched under my arm!

As a whole,  the two sessions went well and didn’t hurt a bit.

As I am writing this,  we are into day 2 … no treatments scheduled,  but also no pain,  no redness and no side effects. In fact,  the brown sun spots on my face have darkened as they should and will start the next phase … basically dissolving within 10 days.  Can’t wait for the after shots!

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