POLL: Should the voting age be lowered to 16? Have your say!

Today I am launching a new feature on the Magic Drive… The #HumpDay Poll!  Today’s topic: Should we change the voting age in Ontario?

One Liberal backbencher says so. MPP Arthur Potts (Beaches-East York) tabled the private member’s bill on Monday, saying at 16 years old: “They can drive. They can work… I can’t imagine a downside.”

The Global News panel discusses lowering the voting age

Potts added that Scotland and Argentina already allow kids to vote starting at the age of 16, and he insists that teens are “quite capable” of making an informed decision on what political party they would like to vote for. He also thinks that this might be the solution to traditionally low voter turnout, saying that this would start a “lifelong habit” in young adults to vote and have their say!

So what do YOU think?

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