Magic Make Better with AFYA - Session 2

Feeling good about yourself is hard.

To be comfortable with the reflection you see in the mirror is so difficult, for all of us.  We see ourselves very differently than others do.  We see all of our flaws and shortcomings.  This is especially true when we look in the mirror.  When you see that reflection … you see the age spots. The wrinkles. The sun damage.  The stress.

However …. we have to look again. Look for the laugh lines and the dimples.  The freckles and the cute little way your lip curls when you smile.  It’s all there … we just have to look for it.  Sometimes we just have dig just a little deeper to find them.

This journey for me isn’t about changing the way I look.  I just want to have a say in my overall health.   My skin needs to be healthy too!  Sadly,  it’s taken me this long to figure it out.

Session two at AFYA Skin & Body Clinic 

Forma Skin Tightening – Joelle tells me that I will see a difference in the elasticity of my skin within 10 days.

The process was actually very relaxing!  It felt just warm enough to be soothing and did not hurt at all!  The redness went away completely within an hour and a half.







This picture was taken an hour after the process.  I was pleased to see the original sun spots are dissolving nicely!


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