The Magic Mud Pack

The Magic Mud Pack is getting ready for The Muddy Grape!  May 26th we hit the 5k obstacle course at Cox Creek Cellars in Guelph, in support of the Special Olympics Ontario. 

We are a team build on heart and passion! With that being said … we all come from different places.  Different ages, different sizes and different abilities.  A tough job for the trainers at World Gym Guelph! But so far Shaun and Delhonni have been up for the task. 

Training has begun and we are already starting to see some changes from week one!  We’ve been running ok,  let’s be honest, jogging!  Squatting, jumping, lifting and sweating.  We are excited though to share that we’ve also gone from barely breathing and keeping up, to working thru the pain and the heavy breathing, to completing the 60 minute workout feeling awesome and accomplished.

We are going into this as a team and plan to cross the finish line as a team.  We all finish and leave no one behind!  Or at least that’s what Shaun tells us!


We are into week two now and we’re all feeling better about ourselves.  We trust our trainers and each other and most of all … we’re having fun!  Who knew getting in to shape would be enjoyable?! Our next workout will feature upper body and fancy foot work.  We’ll keep you posted!

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