Scott Baio will not be charged over sexual assault allegations made by Nicole Eggert

Prosecutors have declined to file charges against Scott Baio stemming from allegations by his former Charles in Charge co-star that he sexually assaulted her.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office decided Monday not to file charges against the 57-year-old actor, saying the statute of limitations had expired.

Baio’s former co-star, Nicole Eggert, filed a police report against him in February, claiming that he sexually assaulted her while she was a teenager and was working with him on the 1980s sitcom. Alexander Polinsky, another child actor on the show, has alleged that Baio assaulted and mentally tortured him.

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Baio has denied all the allegations and said that he and Eggert were in a consensual relationship when she was of legal age.

One of Baio’s lawyers, Jennifer McGrath, characterized the claims by Polinsky and Eggert in February as “ever-changing” and evidence of “continual hunger for publicity.”

McGrath pointed to a photo of a smiling Polinsky and Baio that she said was taken at Baio’s birthday party seven years ago.

Brian Glicklich, a spokesman for Baio, referenced an interview Eggert had given years ago where she said working with Baio on Charles in Charge was fun and that she would be happy to work with him again.

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Eggert pointed out on Twitter that the case against Baio wasn’t dismissed because of a lack of evidence but because of the age of the case.

On Monday, Eggert tweeted, “Wait for it…dismissed on Statutes of Limitation…NEVER bcz of LACK OF EVIDENCE!! Case closed molester @scottbaio.”

She added in a second tweet, “Dismissed due to Statute of Limitation = GUILTY. Period.”

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“Why would I have a concern over something I didn’t do?” he said on Good Morning America in January. “Rather than take your case to social media, where people tend to beat up people like me, why not do it through the proper channels? You put up allegations like that, and it becomes like wildfire.”

He also said that for him to sexually assault Eggert on set was “absolutely impossible” because there were always teachers, parents and other adults around. He claimed that the only time he and Eggert were alone was when they were shooting scenes, and directors, along with crew, would always be present.

In a series of tweets on, Eggert, now 46, accused Baio, now 57, of repeatedly molesting her when she was between the ages of 14 to 17.

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