Oh for *&#^!'s sake!

We probably all do it… and probably feel guilty as soon as it happens.

Someone cuts us off in traffic and boom! We swear.
We stub our toe on the couch, say a word we shouldn’t, we look around and there staring at us is our kids and we apologize and tell them that daddy shouldn’t have used that word.

Well it may be that fewer and fewer parents feel the need to apologize; a new survey finds that more than half (52%) of parents think it is perfectly acceptable to swear in front of the kids!

If you don’t agree that it is OK to swear (especially in front of your children), then you probably have an assortment of swear word ‘stand-ins’.

The same survey asked parents for their favourite alternatives to using bad language and these are the most common ones:

What the frog
Shitake mushrooms
Oh cheeses
Shut the front door
For freaks sake
Oh fruitcake
Blinking heck

Do you have any to add to the list?

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