Random Acts of Magic

Sitting around the boardroom table back in June,  we as a staff here at Magic 106,  discussed our plans for the Fall.  We tossed around different ideas of how we could spend our Promotional Fall Budget.  We came up with some great ideas … perhaps send a listener on a trip.  We could give away a car. We could take the money and run! lol

Then I threw out an idea around the table …  that we try something we did quite a few years ago.  Something that still meant a lot to me.  It was Random Acts of Magic.  Why does it mean so much?  I could never possibly forget the day that  changed the way I see people forever.  It was the day that I realized, that we never know what someone else is going thru.  Everyone has a story.  We are all going thru something, yet no one else has any idea … just by looking at us.

I walked into a local grocery store with the intent of paying for someone’s groceries. Pretty simple.  I had some gift cards in hand and waited  to meet someone at the til as they checked out.  I had no idea what story was about to hear.  I found a young mom with one baby on her hip,  another sitting in the cart.  She was asking the cashier how much she had spent so far … as she had to be careful not to spend more than she had.  That’s when I approached and her told her not to worry … put it all on the belt.  She looked at me and questioned why and what was happening. I told her I was going to pay for her groceries.  She immediately broke down and shared with me that she was a new single mom. Her husband had just left her and their 2 babies behind.  She had no idea how she was going to move on.  She said what we were able to do for them,  changed her entire outlook.  She said good people and good things do exist.

That’s why Random Acts of Magic is the right thing to do. We have the chance to pay it forward. Perhaps pay for some gas or some groceries.  Pay a bill or buy a coffee.  Either way,  we have the chance to make a difference.  I have been blessed for the last 22 years.  I have been afforded the opportunity to be a part of this incredible community. And if nothing else,  this job … which when you love what you do negates the fact that is a job,  has given me the chance to pay it forward.

So,  with that being said,  are you wondering if we spent the money well?  First of all,  we’re not done yet!  Secondly,  it’s been the absolute best, most amazing and ultimately exciting way to spend money EVER! And if you ever doubted the concept or the execution of this … then let me introduce you to Logan and his family.  I had the distinct honour of walking to Logan’s Guelph home yesterday, alongside his Kindergarten classmates. Classmates and teachers that he’s had to miss because he’s home fighting for his life.  Logan and his family are battling in a war that no 4 (almost 5 year old!) should ever have to face.  As we arrived in hopes of waving at Logan thru the window … there he stood in the driveway with his family … flashing the biggest, brightest smile I’ve ever seen! I had 

the opportunity to meet Logan,  his very strong mom and his big brother Blake,  this through an introduction from his Grandfather,  whom I’ve known for many years!  Yet, had never met his family or knew his story.  In chatting with them all, it was easy to see that this entire family has fought hard and won’t give up.

A few gift cards.  A few toys.  But a lesson that I won’t soon forget. Everyone has a story.  We all have a journey.

And everything happens for a reason.  Though I admit … I’d like to know what that reason is,  every now and then!  God bless this little superhero and his family and help him soar to his full potential!

Random Acts of Magic. So much more than just a promotion.









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