To Beer or Not To Beer?

To Beer to Not To Beer? That is the question.

It could be the biggest news to hit the ballpark since the footlong hotdog. I could be over imagining it, but having beers that cost less than $12 a can at The Rogers Centre is not something to balk about. If you are going to balk at this, just make sure the umpire doesn’t catch you. Beer cans are going ‘on sale’ for a mere $5 this season.

The catch is that they are only the size of that little cup the dentist gives you to rinse out your mouth after a cleaning. Alright, I am only kidding. These ones are just the plain old 355ml cans, not the king size they usually serve at 473ml. Big difference? Not really.

For anyone that has ever gone to a baseball game in Toronto, you know the cost of the beer at $12 is insanely priced. They have you between a rock and a hard place. You cannot bring any in, but that sweet, sweet hoppiness just cannot be resisted for a 3-4 hour game of ball. Sometimes you need a little more than peanuts and CrackerJack to get you through. Hrm, I wonder if I have to pay some sort of royalty for singing that in my head while I typed it.

So let us break this down for a moment. You have $12 = 473ml of beer. Now you have the option of $5 = 355ml of beer. The difference is 118ml. *WOW* – What you are telling me, Rogers Centre, is that extra 118ml is worth $7? You could just buy two small cans and still have money left over to tip the usher who brings it to my seat and I’d still be up on the millilitres. Sounds like a great deal – in consideration.

Why are they doing this anyways? Well, there aren’t big names like Jose Bautista to bring fans into the park anymore. So maybe 5-bucks-a-beer will fare better. I mean, it did work for a certain political campaign.

What are your thoughts? Is this going to pull you into the ballpark for some high stakes MLB action?


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