Instagram, the new money?

We all know Instagram is the place to go for photos. My favourite are Instadogs… so many puppies. But that’s not why we are here today. Today we are gathered to celebrate the advent of InstaCurrency! I think I should copyright that, it’s pretty good. This isn’t really money per se, it is more of a way to earn something for free from a vending machine.

See, this company called Foodbeast has partnered up with Nissin Foods, which are the folks behind those Cup Noodles. Mmm… college noodles. Anyone? I had those all the time in college it’s sort of one of those happy memories but now that I think of it’s sort of sad. We were so poor in school… just like today! (Go student loans).

Back to how to earn free stuff. These vending machines put in Las Vegas and another in Los Angeles has some noodles, gift cards, and video games inside. To get the goods you just need to Instagram and hashtag whatever it asks you too – and mentioned @originalcupnoodles.

How the Dream Machine works:

  1. Press the big button to get a unique hashtag.
  2. Post a photo with the machine on your Instagram using the special hashtag, and tag @foodbeast and @originalcupnoodles.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to win your free prize!

Sounds pretty cool for some free stuff. However, given No Frills usually offers $1 per pack of the stuff on a normal week – I think I will stick to my pocket change. Again these are those college day memories creeping back up!

For Nissin Cup Noodles, this vending machine is a way to engage with their target audience in a contemporary, digital-driven fashion.

“We’ve had a great partnership between Cup Noodles and FOODBEAST and are excited to launch the Dream Machines for our fans,” said Jaclyn Park, Vice President of Marketing at Nissin Foods USA. “We know how active our fans are on social media, and the Dream Machines are a surprising new way we can connect with our fans and thank them with fun prizes for including Cup Noodles in their social conversations.”

Would you like to see InstaCurrency or InstaPay become a real thing?


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