Nighttime podcast recap: The internet and radicalization of Lindsay Souvannarath, who plotted a Valentine’s Day massacre

Over the past few episodes of Nighttime podcast, Jordan Bonaparte has been speaking with the enigmatic Lindsay Souvannarath, surviving architect of the Halifax Valentine’s Day massacre plot, about what life after planning death is like.

On the eve of Valentine’s Day 2015, the people of Halifax would learn that mass shootings are not confined to the United States alone. When the story broke, we learned that two people were arrested and another was found dead after police responded to a tip that the trio had planned to commit a mass shooting in the food court of a mall on Valentine’s Day.

A 19-year-old local man, James Gamble, had met 23-year-old American Souvannarath, and the two bonded over a shared obsession with the Columbine High School shooting massacre. Only days after connecting, the pair decided they were destined to kill and die together, and they began planning a mass shooting event.

Appeal heard for American woman who plotted Halifax shopping mall massacre

In episode 7: Lindsay, the internet and radicalization,’ Jordan Bonaparte is joined by investigative journalist for Vice Canada, Mack Lamoureux.

Lamoureux has spent considerable time reporting on far-right extremism within Canada and the United States including anti-Islam militia, ‘the III%ers,’ and more.

Lamoureux got involved in researching far-right radicalization online when he noticed a spike in websites in Canada. Souvannarath got deep into the online neo-Nazi community, accepted the ideology, and eventually found herself on the most infamous extreme-right forum, Iron March.

Here, she allegedly had an online relationship with the site’s founder, an influential neo-Nazi figure, Alexander Slavros. She would eventually end up running her own blog called Cockswastica, where she would post about her beliefs.

Lamoureux joins Bonaparte to try and explain the online radicalization of Souvannarath, the surviving architect of the Halifax Valentine’s Day massacre plot.

In episode 6: Lindsay and the Columbiners,’ Jordan Bonaparte will be joined by author/journalist Rachel Monroe, who has been researching the Columbiner subculture for the better part of a decade.

Columbiners are people who are fascinated by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two Columbine high-school seniors who killed 13 people in a shooting rampage, and then killed themselves.

Lindsay Souvannarath and James Gamble, were both part of this online subculture that romanticizes the Columbine killers.

In episode 5, James and Lindsay’s “Arsenal,” Nighttime will examine the firearms available to Lindsay and James with the help of Canadian firearms expert and advocate Trevor Furlotte.

Halifax mall shooting plotter’s parents say she was bullied, not capable of violence

In episode 4, Life After Planning Death, Bonaparte shared an extended discussion with Souvannarath that covered her life from the point of her arrest until the present day. Throughout the conversation, Souvannarath discussed her legal battle, life in prison, her regrets and much more.

In episode 3, Lindsay, James, and the Valentine’s Day Massacre, Souvannarath shared the disturbing details covering the period from meeting James Gamble to her arrest in the Halifax Airport.

In episode 2, Life Before Choosing Death, Souvannarath walked us through the life she had before she began planning her death. Throughout the conversation, Souvannarath provided background on many of the defining moments that formed her evolution from an above-average kid in a loving family to a young woman with an unwavering belief in Nazism, a strong affinity towards all things Columbine, and a willingness to kill and die alongside a young man who shared her antisocial beliefs.
The introduction to the story of Lindsay Souvannarath can be found here.


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