#Trashtag is cleaning up the world

Calling all bored people on the internet, time to get off the couch and go viral. Thousands of people are hopping on a new trend that is actually doing some good. It’s the #Trashtag challenge. What you do is find a very messy place and photograph it. Then clean it up and take a photo again with all the trash bags from what you have cleaned up. Put the before and after photos together and add the #Trashtag hashtag and you join the viral trend!

It is so much better than that cheese challenge people are doing. They throw cheese at cats or at babies and see their reaction. It really is silliness. The last thing the world needs more of is cat videos on the internet. Those poor babies too… what did they do to deserve cheese thrown at them? Yeah, nothing that’s what I thought.

Canada, the US, India, and the Philippines are just some of the countries seen on Twitter where (mostly) teens are taking to streets, parks and even entire beaches to clean them up.

It might be motivated by becoming part of a trend, but this is a positive effect coming from social media. We are getting cleaner places because kids want to be involved. They want to join in. Maybe we could start doing this with volunteering for example and start getting more good deeds done with Twitter. #Helptag? I like it. Let’s make go viral. Post a photo of you before you start volunteering and all the happy faces after you have helped others!

#Trashtag has been trending since last Tuesday after a man from Arizona, Byron Román, posted pictures of himself around a bunch of garbage followed by another one with the area completely cleaned – nine bags of trash too. 

His photo has been viewed and shared over 300 thousand times and getting more than 100 thousand people involved across the world.

What do you think? Is this putting faith back in humanity for you or is it just another ‘trend’?

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