Garth Brooks sells out 2nd Edmonton show in 45 minutes

WATCH ABOVE: Country music legend Garth Brooks said he might as well move to Edmonton given all the excitement and demand for tickets to his Stadium Tour this summer. He joined Global News Morning Edmonton to talk more about the second show he's now playing in Edmonton.

Tickets to Garth Brooks’ second show in Edmonton went on sale Thursday morning and it didn’t take long for the concert to sell out.

Brooks took to social media to say the June 24 show sold out in 45 minutes, and there was no one left in line to buy tickets.

On Wednesday, the country music legend joined Global News Morning and said he might as well move to Edmonton given all the excitement and demand for tickets to his Stadium Tour this summer.

“I think we’re moving there. This is awesome,” Brooks said Wednesday.

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Brooks originally planned to play one show at Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday, June 25. However, tickets to that show sold out last week within 45 minutes — a whopping 61,000 of them. So, the decision was made to add a second show on June 24.

“You start thinking, ‘Man, did we disappoint more people than we made happy?’ So you start watching your socials, check with country radio and check with the building and there was a lot of people that seemed to have an interest in another show if we could do it,” Brooks said.

“Are you kidding me? It’s like going from eating one bowl of ice cream to eating two. I’m fine with it, it’s a blast. I just can’t believe the people showed up this way.”

Some of the tickets sold last week immediately ended up on resale sites. That’s something Brooks said breaks his heart.

“It gets in between the artist and the people that allow me to be an artist. That’s where that love fest is. So I can live without the scalpers,” Brooks said. “Because I love live music and I love to see the tickets going to people who are there because they love the music.”

Edmonton will be the only Canadian stop on Brooks’ Stadium Tour this summer. When it comes to choosing locations, the country singer said a lot of it comes down to availability. But a lot of it also comes down to where he has the most fun playing.

“When you do it this long, when they go: ‘Where do you want to tour?’ the answer is always: ‘Where did we have the most fun last time?’ So I was really happy that the availability and everything kind of worked out and we get to end up in Edmonton.”

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Brooks also talked a bit about his set list. While it’s largely laid out in advance, a lot of it depends on the audience and what they want to hear.

“The people are also going to tell you what they want here. So some nights you’ll see a lot of signs for songs like ‘Mom.’ Or you’ll see a lot of signs for songs like ‘She’s Every Woman.’ Those usually aren’t in the set list but you stop everything and put them in the set list because you see the sign and we’ve all been playing together long enough we can make those corrections on the fly, those additions,” he explained.

“At the same time, we know what people are mostly there for so you have to make sure you get in all the old stuff.”

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As for what Brooks wants to play? He said he’s lucky to have great songwriters and adds it never gets old playing his songs.

“Songs have their times. So right now ‘The Thunder Rolls’ is maybe at its biggest peak time since it’s been released. Unfortunately, there are songs like ‘We Shall Be Free’ that are more poignant today, maybe even more current today, then they were when they were released years ago. So each song kind of has its own thing.”

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