Monkeypox cases rise to 423: Public Health Ontario

RELATED: New York has declared a public health emergency on Saturday due to the spread of monkeypox, becoming the second major U.S. city to do so after San Francisco. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is reporting almost 5,200 cases of monkeypox across the United States. Jennifer Johnson reports.

Public Health Ontario says there were 423 confirmed cases of monkeypox in the province as of Tuesday, up from 367 on Thursday.

The agency’s latest report says most of the cases — nearly 78 per cent — were reported in Toronto.

Almost all of the people affected are male, with only two reported in female patients.

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Monkeypox case confirmed in Toronto shelter system

Public Health Ontario says the average age of confirmed cases is just under 36 years old.

The report says 11 people have been hospitalized with the illness and two are in intensive care.

It says there are also 10 probable cases, nine of which are in men.

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