Humane Society says inhumane traps being used to harm wildlife in Kitchener area

The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth says there have been three recent incidents in Kitchener where people have used inhumane traps to capture or harm local wildlife.

“As our cities continue to grow, we are co-existing with wildlife. There are more than enough ways to co-exist peacefully without causing harm,” said Janice Maxwell, manager of animal services.

In the first two cases, people used a Rat Snap trap, and captured skunks. In the first one, the skunk had clawed its way free but had sustained fatal injuries and was found dead close by.

In the second, the skunk had tried to escape under a fence. The Humane Society said it was forced to euthanize the skunk, as it was badly injured.

In the third case, an older Conibear trap was used, and it had captured a squirrel. Before officers arrived at the scene, the animal had been released.

The Humane Society says that most municipalities in the area have limits on who can use body-gripping traps, including Conibear traps and some snap traps. They say the use of such traps is often limited to qualified and licensed people.

It says that the province’s trapping regulations require the use of humane certified traps for most species.

The agency is letting residents know that there are numerous options to use rather than inhumane traps.

“There are so many ways to deter wildlife from our yards that do not involve seriously harming or killing wildlife,” Maxwell said.

“Call a humane wildlife control company, patch up holes in your roof or put mesh screens over your range hood vents, remove anything that is attracting them or use a humane method to make the environment not favourable — make lots of noise, remove food sources. They will eventually move on.”

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